Happy National Day
<H.E. Amer/>
Hello H.E. Amer
Welcome to the world of
and be part of something bigger.

Unleash your hidden potential and leverage the true power of code. Level up and open doors you never thought existed.

Get ready to experience
the world of code

We at 42 Abu Dhabi would like to invite you to <dive into the world of code/> and celebrate the 49th UAE National Day in true techie style

Dive behind the code

Celebrate our nation's
pride with code

You are about to experience 49 years of UAE National pride expressed through the <power of code/>.
42 Abu Dhabi is the coding school of the future, and code is the language we speak. Through this experience, we’ll take you behind the code.


How to go
behind the code

< 1/3 >

Ensure the wires are pierced into the Dates

< 2/3 >

Put the 42 conduction band tight around your wrist

< 3/3 >

Connect the USB to your computer then click 'Next' & tap the dates to experience the code


Now that you got everything
connected, go ahead and
experience the code around you.

Press on a date once
plugged in
Go ahead and try the experience
once more and share it with us
on social media platforms

Behind the code

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