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learn the <42 way/>

A first of its kind in the GCC, the 42 Abu Dhabi program is centered around 5 themes each offering 15 skillsets that prepare our students for shaping the future of a digital world.

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> 3-5 year higher education level program

We’ve revolutionized learning through our unique gamified learning system where you need to progress through 21 different levels over 3 years, gaining experience points along the way. As you progress to newer and more challenging levels, you'll master new skills, complete side quests, and unlock achievements.

12-18 months


Learn coding fundamentals with introductory projects
4-6 months

first internship

Test your skills in the real world
2-3 years


Explore and specialize with deeper projects and larger teams
4-6 months

final internship

Realize your ambitions and hone your skills
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> Understand the Study Map

All 42 Abu Dhabi coders share the same starting point on the map. From there you can decide which branches of computer science you want to specialize in. There’s a vast number of projects to choose from which are constantly updated to keep up with industry trends.

Introduction Projects

Command line interactions, elementary C programming, and elementary algorithms are your primary fields of focus after The Piscine.

Programming Foundations

The teams start to get bigger and the projects become more challenging as you choose between 4 different paths: graphic programming, algorithms, C-Unix programming, and web programming.

First Internship

Test your new skills in the real world with a 6 month internship.

Programming Mastership

The heart of the curriculum consists of 100 projects all designed to give you real-world challenges. These are more complex, so the teams get even larger and the projects get longer.

The Final Internship

The final and most important step. Realize your ambitions and hone your skills in a 6 month internship.

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