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About < 42 Abu Dhabi/>

42 Abu Dhabi is located in the heart of the Mina Zayed Warehouses District.
With ease of access and inspiration all around; watch your creativity expand as you dive deep into the world of coding.

In line with the UAE-France strategic partnership and as part of the Ghadan 21 accelerator program, Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) has partnered with 42 to launch 42 Abu Dhabi, establishing the first school of its kind in the GCC.

By making coding education accessible to people from all walks of life, the school will contribute to Abu Dhabi’s vision for a tech-enabled future, where Abu Dhabi plays a prominent role in solving global challenges.

> OPEN 24/7

If you are already working or still a university student, we’ve got you covered.

The 42 Abu Dhabi campus is open any time of the day all throughout the year so you could work whenever and however it suits your schedule.

> iMac Lab

Our fully equipped iMac labs have a specially designed layout that make them ideal for peer-to-peer collaboration, learning and communication.

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42 Abu Dhabi iMac Lab

> Who says a campus can’t feel like home?

The perfect mix of comfort and tech, the 42 Abu Dhabi campus is the ideal environment to do things your way, think critically, work in groups and create.

> A Multicultural Community

It doesn’t matter what your background is, at 42 Abu Dhabi we focus on enabling coders, thinkers, and passionate learners to harness coding skills.

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Practical learning is what we focus on to prepare you for the real world.


No classes means no teachers; instead you’re in charge of your own success by learning, sharing and working collaboratively with others.


Measure your progress in experience points (XP) and master each level to unlock the next one.


We use industry-leading technology and forward-thinking innovation to help nurture the world’s top coding talent.

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> What is the
<42 Abu Dhabi/> way?

42 Abu Dhabi is based on the revolutionary learning model from Ecole 42 in Paris. Our school follows the principles that have made the 42 program a global success: peer-to-peer learning and a mastery-based, gamified curriculum.

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> the 42 network?

42 Abu Dhabi is part of the 42 global network with 42 coding schools around the world.

The 42 network is bound by a common system and set of values which allows students to free their creativity while they master self-discipline through project-based, practical learning.

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> partnership is key

Big or small, we collaborate with companies and organizations who are agents of change in their industries and sectors. With a mission to disrupt learning and develop new pathways of thinking and doing, we use code as a central tool to transform the world.

Partner with us for mutually beneficial opportunities and explore how we can create programs, customize trainings, develop internships and much more.

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Develop a new generation of talent to empower the digital transformation of the UAE.


Provide accessible and disruptive learning opportunities to a diverse community of digital talent, equipping learners with the skills, and set of graduate attributes to develop themselves as digital entrepreneurs and sustain meaningful, impactful and future-proofed careers in the digital age.