> Generation 42 Abu Dhabi unveiled to inspire the next generation of the Emirate’s digital leaders

42 Abu Dhabi, the UAE capital’s innovative and disruptive coding school that provides a unique peer-to-peer, gamified learning methodology, has unveiled its Generation 42 Abu Dhabi, which is a new generation of coders including the school’s students and future alumni who will contribute to building Abu Dhabi’s future and leading its digital transformation.
Generation 42 Abu Dhabi is not defined by an era, but by their drive and ambition to build a better world and learn the language of the future. Generation 42 Abu Dhabi also reaffirms that 42 Abu Dhabi is not only a coding school; it is part of a bigger global movement, which aims to foster coders who are prepared to thrive in the Emirate’s tech landscape. Generation 42 Abu Dhabi is a community of coders who were born to build the future of vital sectors in the Emirate through their digital skills. From healthcare and education to energy and sustainability, the future of Abu Dhabi’s digital landscape will be driven by the creativity and vision of these coders.
As part of the school’s efforts to highlight Generation 42 Abu Dhabi, the school will be launching a podcast featuring thought leaders and industry specialists to share their insights on the latest developments and trends in vital sectors in the UAE, including the education sector. The podcast will also welcome some of 42 Abu Dhabi’s brightest students to highlight the impact of the school’s revolutionary model on their growth, and the school’s key role as a talent incubator that is developing and upskilling the Emirate's youth in the coding field.
The school will also roll out of a series of videos to shed light on 42 Abu Dhabi students’ success stories and inspirational journeys at the school. The videos will enable the audience to gain a deeper understanding of the experiences of students who joined the school from different backgrounds and age groups. These students have gone on to build cutting-edge projects and technologies to drive the development of vital fields and industries such as HR and Healthcare.
By equipping the next generation with cutting-edge coding skills, 42 Abu Dhabi is empowering them to build a legacy across a range of sectors and inspire the next generation of Abu Dhabi's digital leaders.
Marcos Muller Habig, Acting CEO of 42 Abu Dhabi said: “Generation 42 Abu Dhabi further reaffirms that 42 Abu Dhabi is a global movement that seeks to empower the coming generations to build a new world. Our vision for Generation 42 Abu Dhabi is to highlight our efforts in creating a skilled workforce that is equipped to tackle the challenges of the digital age and build a thriving tech industry in Abu Dhabi. We are steadfast in our commitment to make coding education accessible to people from all walks of life and foster the next generation of coders who are born to build a prosperous and tech-enabled future for the Emirate.”
Since its launch, 42 Abu Dhabi has enrolled 475 students, including 137 UAE national students, to support Abu Dhabi’s efforts to create a diverse and inclusive education infrastructure that enables a future-ready workforce.
Students who join 42 Abu Dhabi will be able to leverage the school’s strategic partner network with leading organizations and companies across different industries and sectors, such as Mubadala Investment Company, Abu Dhabi Department of Energy (DoE), Department of Government Support, Microsoft and BEACON RED.
Through the school’s strategic network of partners, 42 Abu Dhabi provides Emirati talents with sponsorship opportunities and offers stipends for every UAE national who joins 42 Abu Dhabi. In the past year, 358 job and internship opportunities were offered to 42 Abu Dhabi students, including 109 sponsorships for UAE national students.
All 42 Abu Dhabi students who complete the school’s Common Core, four additional modules and six-month internship are eligible to receive a Diploma in software development recognized by the National Qualification Center (NQC) in the UAE.
42 Abu Dhabi is an innovative and disruptive coding school, launched in 2020 as an initiative of ADEK and Abu Dhabi’s Ghadan 21 accelerator program, which aims to drive Abu Dhabi’s ongoing development through multi-faceted investments in business, innovation, and people.